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The rules have changed. An iNFLUENCER comes in unique packaging. More than ever before, today's audiences and workshop attendees want an authentic experience. They want to be inspired by great content that is delivered in an engaging way that expands their curiosity or closes their loop of learning or drives them to action decisively.​ 


Whether you are creating and hosting a seminar, a workshop, presenting to a small group or a packed auditorium (and anything in between)... NOVUS' 3-Step Speaker Training has got all you need to know covered.



We'll elevate your knowledge, skills, self-confidence and iNFLUENCER techniques to a whole new level.

By the Close of Our

3-Day Speaker Training You Will:

  • Have a firm grasp of your personal brand and how to magnify it with consistency - in your career or on stage.

  • Know how to create compelling content for:

    • Workshops​

    • Seminars

    • Keynotes

    • Selling from the stage events

  • Be trained in the science of iNFLUENCE, how to connect with every member of your audience/group and sell your message.

  • Have competent room management skills (how to expect and manage the various leading disrupting personalities).

  • Understand the Four Types of Language and how to thread these styles through your own presentation and why it's important to do so.

  • Learn about the brain's need to toggle between focused and unfocused experiences to keep your audience / group engaged.

  • Know what to add to your presentation if selling to the room - we teach the Aussie way, not the American vibe of loud music, hi-fives and hard sell.

  • Have professional photographs of you speaking from the front of the room - ready to use professionally or personally.

This Training is Ideal for People Who...

  • Create and Deliver Keynote Speeches (or want to)

  • Create or Deliver Workshops

  • Create or Deliver Seminars

  • Lead People / Meetings / Groups

  • Want to Raise their Level of Assertiveness

  • Want to Learn the Art of iNFLUENCE

  • Own a Business

  • Sell 1:1, 1:Many

Our training is modern, fast, practical, effective and utilises your greatest asset... YOU!


We show you HOW to use your story/asset to build content that engages your audience and deliver it with a WOW!

You will present, present, present and then present some more. Your 9 peers will champion and support you every step of the way. Your trainer will give you constant support and feedback.

We keep our training room small (MAX 10 PEOPLE) so you get quality attention and practical, hands-on learning.

WARNING: You'll have a throughly fabulous time as you grow beyond your self-imposed limits - and you wouldn't want that, would you!


Ali McKelvie is a woman on a mission to help single women find their way back to love of self, to enable them to find the life partner they desire and deserve. Her programs are life-changing and her stories incredible. 

NOVUS Founder | Head Trainer | Helen Treloar

I've never experienced a training like the speaker program with Helen at NOVUS. I almost didn't take the leap in signing up for it! I am so glad that I did. Finding the confidence to face fears and develop professionally and personally, has invigorated my outlook on my business future and my speaking future. Can't recommend this enough!


James Madden - CEO Flinders & Co.

This is the only professional speaker training I've ever done, because I was always reluctant to put my natural abilities to the test - worried that maybe I'd show up as 'not that good after all' or seen contrived applying new skills. HOW WRONG WAS I! My improvement in just 3-days far exceeded my expectations - this is not a room full of newbies, everyone improved and Helen was awesome!

Jenny de Lacy - The Visibility Coach

Hel, you practiced what you preach. You taught us to be authentic and that's exactly what you were. The world needs more people like you. I'm so grateful having you in my professional journey to success.

Teeshal Bal - GRIT Leadership

NOVUS Speaker Training is a great tool for any professional communicator to have in their tool box. Helen's engaging delivery and nurturing of people to be who they really are, makes this training both relevant and memorable. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to be an elite communicator.

Shelly Favaloro - Mindful Misfit

I went from scaredy-cat with a fear of public speaking to a place where I am now confident and excited to be the keynote speaker I plan to be. This was thanks to the amazing training and support given by Helen in the room. I can't recommend this training highly enough. What are you waiting for?

Ali McKelvie - Freedomologist 

I've wanted to learn public speaking skills for a long time. I knew there was a craft, a method and for some time I checked out various options, yet none of them hit the mark for me with what I wanted to help me with the learning and growth I needed. I am so excited I did my training with Helen Treloar and NOVUS. Wow! The content and the delivery was exceptional.


Colleen Lansdell - Evolved Steps

I was fortunate enough to be able to support Helen in some of her public speaking engagements and consider her to be one of the most; confident, resourceful, creative and practical speakers out there. She has an amazing sense of humour, an ability to make people feel really comfortable in the room and most importantly, speaks from her own leadership, coaching and personal development journey that allows her to relate to anyone and everyone.

A. Singh Gill

We were very fortunate to have Helen Treloar deliver the keynote address at the Hewlett-Packard South Pacific Finance Career Fair. Helen is a dynamic and engaging speaker, who captivated the audience and inspired them to think differently about their careers and their lives more broadly. She called on the audience to get a clear picture of what they want from their career; take ownership; prioritise it as a goal and go after it. She encouraged a more proactive approach, rather than simply reacting to the environment they find themselves in. She warned the audience not to be limited by the perceived barriers to success and personal fulfilment. It was a highly entertaining and interactive session in which she gave tangible examples of the concepts covered and encouraged members of the audience to share their personal experiences and views. We highly recommend Helen as a Keynote for your organisation and event.

HP - Finance Career Organising Manager [Forest Hills]

Helen's keynote at a Little Black Dress Group function was amazing, inspiring, thought provoking and actionable all wrapped in one. Her passion for individual success, building leadership mindsets and each and every one of us taking control of our own journey came across from the moment she started speaking to the closing Q&A. Personable and professional, informative and inspiring, energetic and passionate, I continuously learn something new every time I hear Helen speak.

J Garner

Helen helped me transform my leadership at a time where there was enormous market and internal pressures. Focusing on people and my ability to lead them through the challenges we were facing, I used simple techniques Helen had taught me to both deliver business outcomes but more importantly support and enable those around me. I'm enormously grateful for Helen's kind and considered approach and feel I'm better at work and at home having worked with Helen!

Sarah Flemmings

It's a terrific outcome when you are able to work with someone who has a high level of intelligence and a capacity for grounded insight into human behaviour. And even better when this person has the insight to be generous, thoughtful, and gentle in their approach. Helen's, "Go, your world will follow," approach is refreshing, and she creates safe boundaries to make change worthwhile.

Madelaine Cohen

100% Money Back


Being AUTHENTICALLY YOU is more important to audiences now than ever before.


Being 'real' gains higher appeal than a well-crafted speech read by a suit backed by drab PowerPoints. In Australia, we prefer to not be hi-five'd whilst blaring loud music at us as we enter the room. 

We work with you in the training room as we build your unique speaker identity | brand | message | delivery | confidence.

Isolating and then utilising the natural tendencies of your personality and communication style is an important part of the process.


At NOVUS we take the round peg and find the round hole. 


 The hero of our training is YOU.

We first teach you the out-dated stage-craft techniques (that you'll learn on any other course) just as a Michelin Chef first learns how to cook, BUT... our difference is... 

1) We keep the room to a max of 10, for that boutique, intensely personal experience and

2) We show you HOW to break the rules, as you design and develop your own unique Brand, Message and Delivery - for today's audiences.

Speak without notes, from the heart, with passion, purpose and vulnerability.

Be seen as the likeable, confident, informed expert who inspires change.

Place yourself in a position of iNFLUENCE.


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