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If you're 'typical' of the talented, inspiring and humble people out there, who have a story or a cause or a product they really care for but aren't yet talking about... chances are that you are WAITING. You might be waiting for... a sign, a time, a budget or a set of circumstances to align beautifully like the stars, before you DO SOMETHING about it. Are we right or are we right?

When you hone in upon the very thing that juices your passion, you're on a winning starting-block. You'll know what that is when you think of the subject that you can always talk about with ease and emotion. It's something you care about, something you have an opinion you're willing to share with others about. It matters to you and you'd love for it to matter to others too! This is your CORE FOCUS. If you're a business owner talking to your employees or a Manager talking to your Team, your core focus is beyond the content, it is upon the experience you want your people to have.

Glossophobia, or a fear of public speaking, is a very common phobia and one that is believed to affect up to 75% of the population. [psycom]. When we prepare, and by prepare we mean TRAIN to be confidently competent, we reduce the intensity of the phobia, a phobia linked to social anxiety. The more we PRESENT the higher our confidence and competence climbs. We know you get that. The great news is that the presenter becomes more than a competent influencer, they become CONFIDENT in themselves. We believe that everyone should be trained in Speakership aka the art of iNFLUENCE (c).

So what's holding you back from becoming the star of the meeting, focus of the group or memorable keynote speaker? 

"Who wants to listen to me?" "Why is my message any different to the hundreds out there doing it already?" "I'd go to pieces if I had a person heckle me!" "I've never really had self confidence. It's all beyond me unfortunately." "I don't feel comfortable when I'm the centre of attention - those people are extroverts and attention seekers." "It's too late now - I am who I am."

All of these thoughts are true and none of them are the truth.


It's time to get passionate. If you aren't passionate about what you are sharing - why should anyone else be? Over 70% of your presentation success is housed in YOU and who you are BEING as you present. It starts with YOU. That's why we make YOU the focus of your training - no cookie cutter, one size fits all training here. 

NOVUS Speaker Training For:

Our Flagship Product is the 3-Day Speaker Training. Our 3-Step Novusification Program will walk you through the essential components of Confident Keynote delivery. You will leave the training feeling on top of the world and ready to go get 'em. WE GUARANTEE IT! We recommend this program to EVERYONE, no matter your end goal. Learn how to elevate your inner self, magnify your confidence and influence others in a compelling and authentic way. The best part - we make it enjoyable (challenging, and enjoyable).


3-Day Speaker Training | 3-Steps to Keynote Fabulousness

Step One

Is all about YOU... In this portion of the training we work WITH you to design, create and then polish:

Your unique personal brand ~ how you show-up

Your communication style ~ utilising your natural tendencies (no square peg bashing here)

Your internal resources ~ confidence, resilience, focus, management of emotions

Your key drivers ~ what is it that you push through challenges in life to achieve?

Your skills and abilities ~ voice projection, engaging others, influencing the environment

Step Two

We hone in upon your message, matching your passion and story/message to the ideal audience

Next comes crafting that message into a presentation that hits the 4-pillars of engagement for any audience

Merging YOU with your MESSAGE and your AUDIENCE is a vital step in creating a stunning presentation

Step Three

Delivery delivery delivery

Learning how to create rhythm in your presentation

How to manage the room on three levels ~ ENGAGEMENT | INFORMATION | INSPIRATION

Working with saboteurs, energy thieves and know-alls ~ taking control of your environment

Staying true to your message, without notes and with an easy-breezy style that allows you to have fun with your audience


Don't want to be a speaker but want their confidence and ability to influence others?

Meeting Host

Plan and execute that meeting with charisma and high level engagement.


Need to present a concept or product/service to a room and influence their decisions?


Turn your story into a compelling metaphor that adds value to others.

100% Money Back


When we are authentic to our audience our level of trust rises


Create a message that engages, connects and inspires your audience


Learn to project your energy, voice and message as you manage the room

NOVUS have taken the most practical components of personal development, positive psychology, stage-craft and performance and knitted it together into a comfy security blanket to wrap around you. We nod with respect to the old ways as we train the new. Speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Mel Robbins and Brené Brown have given speakers everywhere, permission to speak authentically. 


Today's most influential speakers break ALL of the old rules, and we ADORE that! NOVUS embrace the modern speak craft and teach you the science to being a person of influence, whilst standing on the stage or at the front of the room.


"One of the most attractive human traits is vulnerability. As an influencer, when you use your vulnerability purposefully, you engage and connect with people in a very sincere way. Today's most successful speakers do this brilliantly. More than that, they give everyone permission to do the same."

NOVUS Head Trainer

Helen Treloar

Experienced Speaker | Trainer | Coach |

Business Woman 

Master Coach | Master Practitioner of NLP | Professional Speakers Cert. 


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