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When do I need to pay?

As we cap our Trainings at 10, once you have paid for your spot in that training you are guaranteed a place. Until you pay in full (in one payment or via a NOVUS payment plan), your spot is not guaranteed. So we encourage you to pay as soon as you have confirmed we are the right training program for you and the date / venue address suits you. Payment in full must be made no later than 30 days before your training date (unless you are a late enrolment of course). 

Where purchasing the Custom 3-Day Speaker Training, where we come to you - the purchase is not finalised until you have paid in full. Payment is required no later than 30-Days from the training date, unless booked within 30 days of the date, in which case, immediate payment is required.

Where purchasing the Personalised Coaching Program, the purchase is not finalised and coaching cannot commence until you have paid in full. 



How do I pay?

NOVUS accept payment via EFT or Credit Card (VISA & MASTERCARD) via PAYPAL. You will pay via a) a tax invoice issued to you or b) via an event booking app. depending upon the type of product you are purchasing. 

We also offer a 12 week direct debit payment plan ($166.25 per week) to allow you to pay your course in instalments - your fee must be paid in full 30 days prior to your training date - or closer to / after the training date by special agreement. NOVUS pass no 'fees' forward to you to provide this service.

MISSED PAYMENT FEE: If choosing to pay for your training via a Payment Plan please take responsibility to ensure the necessary funds are in your account on the dates payments are due A FAILED PAYMENT FEE OF $9.79 (Inc. GST) applies where you do not have sufficient funds available. 



What price is relevant to my purchase?

NOVUS have set packages for our programs. We also create custom packages for organisations and groups. Once your product purchase has been confirmed you will be issued with a tax invoice or given the price relevant via an event app. All prices INCLUDE 10% GST.  ABN: 87132815840 Novus Speaker Training.



Can I get money back if I change my mind or fall unwell?

3-Day Speaker Training - NOVUS Venue: We hire venues around Australia to deliver our amazing training. We're a business - we need to pay deposits regardless of if we go ahead or not. We also cap our Trainings at 10. So if you have paid in full to reserve your spot, we can't sell that spot to anyone else. If you change your mind, get sick or forget to show (we remind you a few times) you will receive a 50% refund 10 days from notification (when changing your mind) or from the training closure date (when not showing up). The balance is held to cover costs of the training you purchased. This 50% deposit can be used towards a future NOVUS Training program. Once you attend day one (any portion of time) 100% of the fee is transferred to NOVUS - no refunds apply.

3-Day Speaker Training - YOUR Venue and YOUR Group:  Once you have paid in full, the dates of your training have been allocated to you - we are therefore unable to book any other training into that date range. If you change your mind outside 90 days of the training, you will receive a 90% refund, less any incurred expenses at cost (flights, accommodation). If you change your mind within 90 days of the training a 50% refund will be issued 10 days from notification in writing. This 50% deposit can be used towards a future NOVUS Training program for a single person or a group. If you change your mind within 10 days of the training - no refund applies. Should any participants fail to attend any portion of the training, for any reason, there is no refund applicable from NOVUS. 

Personal Coaching Program: Should you change your mind, you will be refunded 80% of the fee paid for any sessions not used (dividing the program price by 6 will give you the per-session price applicable to your refund, less 20%.) 

Online purchases of the NOVUS Manual - NO REFUND AVAILABLE.



What is this?

At NOVUS, we are so completely confident that our training will elevate your self confidence and speakership and delight you as a trainee, that we give you a Money Back Guarantee!

Before we head into content and delivery on day's two and three, we first focus upon YOU. Day-One is all about YOU... your strengths, challenges, personal branding, speaker skills and internal chatter. We ready you for an audience (of any size).

If you complete all of Day-One of our 3-Day Speaker Training, giving it your all in commitment and believe you have gained no value and have reaped no benefit by the end of this day, please speak with our Trainer in person before you leave and you will be excused from Days-2 and 3 and a full refund will be issued to you within 10 days following the training completion.​ 

You must speak with the Trainer in person before you leave day-one in order for the Money Back Guarantee to apply.



What do I need to be responsible for?

NOVUS Speaker Trainings are challenging and enjoyable. Our job is to develop your hidden talents and elevate your self confidence. In order for you to be successful in our Training, you must be 100% responsible for the state of your health and wellbeing prior to purchase. If you have a diagnosed or suspected diagnosis of high anxiety, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or any other mental health condition that disables you from participating in a group speaking program with 100% commitment, please speak with our staff before you purchase. Onus and responsibility lies with YOU to disclose ANY mental or physical health condition prior to purchase.



What do I bring to my training?

NOVUS provide all tools required for the training. You should bring layers of clothing (warmth/cooling), coloured pens, water bottle, healthy snacks, packed lunch (or Google the venue prior to lunch options nearby). Please note that it is unlikely that you will have access to a fridge or microwave - so please pack food that does not require either. SUGAR is the enemy of a trainer, the sugar crash after lollies will hinder your neurological ability to push through the challenge of learning. The most important thing to bring is your childlike curiosity and a willingness to play at 100% and give it EVERYTHING you've got. 



What access is there for wheelchairs & those with limited mobility?

NOVUS make sure that every venue we book has wheelchair access. However, it is important that you advise NOVUS of your limitations and/or requirements BEFORE YOU PURCHASE



Am I covered for any accidental injury at the venue?

NOVUS train in venues that have Public Liability Insurance. Where you are hiring NOVUS to come to you for a custom training - YOU are responsible for all Insurances and participant liabilities. 



What if a personal item is stolen or damaged whilst in training?

Although we are of course respectful of you and your property, NOVUS take no responsibility for the safety or security of any of your possessions. We suggest therefore that you bring only what you need (as above) and leave valuable items such as computers, iPads etc at home (you will not use them in your training). Also, being a public venue, we ask that you take all of your belongings home with you each day.



Who do I call if I am running late or have a question?

Call our Head Trainer, Helen Treloar, on 0401 792 366. Please do not call the venue and leave a message. If you fall unwell and you are unable to complete your training (see refunds above) please sms or call Helen to advise. This way, we will know you are safe. 



Are there any rules or guidelines to general behaviour?

At NOVUS we believe that people are fabulous, and even fabulous people have behavioural strategies that can be challenging or at worse, offensive to others. We ask that all trainees elevate their self awareness to a level where we intentionally and actually show respect for all. NOTE: There may be swearing in the trainings. If you are particularly sensitive to swearing or have any specific cultural or other sensitivity that may be challenged in a modern Speaker training with NOVUS, please bring this to our attention at time of purchase. 



Modern business is relationship building and flexing to meet your consumers' needs

At NOVUS we believe in building strong professional relationships and flexing where appropriate, to achieve a fabulous outcome for everyone! If you have an idea how NOVUS can help you, partner with you or deliver to you in a way we haven't yet covered on this site... contact us! We are easy to deal with and also believe that doing business well and ethically can be fun. 


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