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Sharing your story brings hope to those who are walking your path, a few steps behind.

We believe that overcoming adversity of any kind, or learning to live with a situation beyond our control, is what LIVING life is about. It is also a metaphor for others living through similar challenges, to take comfort and/or direction from. To share HOW we did that is both helpful and cathartic. It binds community and takes the feeling of isolation (I am the only one going through this) away.


In 2020, NOVUS Speaker Training will host a GREEN DOOR Speaker Event to bring HOPE to others facing challenges. It is also to bring the spotlight on HOW we can all support each other, just by being vulnerable and sharing our life strategies that allow us to move-forward and live and thrive. 

Life is a continual obstacle course. There are no better coaches than those who have walked in our shoes and overcome those challenges we face - even if those challenges are ongoing. 

Our Speakers will be ordinary people telling extraordinary tales of challenge and achievement. Or extraordinary people telling what they believe to be ordinary stories. (We believe they are one and the same!)

Health - Business - Relationships - Love - Loss - Disability - Adventure...

Their story will be real and shared authentically. 

we need...
let's use what we have, to do what we can, to help others.
in doing so - we might just help ourselves!