Got Nothing to Say?
Think again after viewing these...
The Call to Courage
Brené Brown on Netflix
Why Domestic Violence Victims Stay
Leslie Morgan Steiner on TED Talks
Hannah Gadsby on Netflix
Avicii on Netflix
5 Second Rule
Mel Robbins
How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Simon Sinek on TED
My Stroke of Insight
Jill Bolte-Taylor on TED
12 year old App Developer
Thomas Suarez on TED
Motivational Compilation
Oprah Winfrey by Mulligan Brothers
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Get Scribing...

As you watch or listen to a keynote | podcast | documentary... Listen on THREE levels:

LEVEL ONE ~ What is this content inspiring me to think, say or do...?

LEVEL TWO ~ How is the delivery of the content really working for me (or not)?

LEVEL THREE ~ What is it about the content that I can expand upon or use as a metaphor?

If you have a fave inspirational video - email the link to us so we can share it!

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