Inspiring Ethical iNFLUENCE through Elite Communication and Speakership Training


We achieve our mission as follows:

  • We believe that EVERYONE is in a position of iNFLUENCE.

  • We believe that communication is the cornerstone to change and needs to be trained.

  • Constant innovation matters to us. We stay abreast of modern communication thought-leadership and delivery techniques (1:1 and 1:many) and implement new findings into our programs constantly.

  • Feedback is welcomed and acted upon.

  • We apply all of our knowledge and share it openly for the maximum gain of our NOVUS Speaker Tribe.

  • We create group training experiences that cater to all trainees from all walks of life - that are practical, appropriately challenging, supportive, fun and aligned to the individual trainee's goals.

  • Our Trainers are proven experts with practical experience certified by NOVUS Founder, Helen Treloar.

  • Our graduates will be equipped to speak in front of any room, any size, with certainty, confidence and charisma.

  • We believe that every personality has the right to shine - Our trainee's unique personality will be the source of their Super-Power utilised in their training experience.

  • We care about people - we show this in every aspect of how we do business with humility, flexibility, honesty, respect and kindness.

  • We are transparent about who we are, what we deliver and how we deliver it at all times - we believe there is enough business for everyone and it is important to us that we are the right fit for you before you buy.

  • We create measurable outcomes for the trainee and NOVUS the business.

  • Community matters - both internally (the NOVUS Professional Speakers Tribe) and externally (charities and community organisations). NOVUS contribute money and time in this regard with enthusiasm.

  • Our success is best measured by the success of our trainee's achievement of their goals. The after-training tribe connection is authentic, supportive and important to us.

  • We promote, work-with and highlight other Australian businesses in the spirit of sharing, connecting, growing, learning and supporting.

  • The lifestyle, health, wellbeing, family and friends of our people (employees and trainees and tribe-sters) matter to us. We do not work 9-5, we attend important milestones, we rest, we take mindful leave and we definitely walk through life with a bare feet approach (grounded).

  • Doing business mindfully with compassion and enthusiasm every day.

I look forward to meeting you in a NOVUS room soon.

Meanwhile - live courageously,


Helen Treloar | Founder | Head Trainer


Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide


Tel: 0401 792 366


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